My lovely lovely friend Sara travelled from New York to hang out in England + I had the opportunity + pleasure of showing her around Cambridge !

We had the most wonderful time and it was lovely to finally meet her after exchanging letters and parcels for so many years. I made a vlog about our 2-day adventure which you can see here (link). I was absolutely delighted to be able to show someone around all my favourite places in my favourite city!

I returned to London a couple of days later (where I was staying with my mam for the break) and visited Kew Gardens (for the first time!!) with her and my brother on Easter Sunday. They had a lot of exciting stuff going on and it was v cool 🙂 The main glasshouse/conservatory is absolutely incredible.

I made a vlog about our visit which you can see here (link).

My third and final Easter adventure was a visit with my mam and brother to Oxford town centre on Easter Monday.

I didn’t take very many squares while there, but I was v content exploring the Bodleian Library and Pitt Rivers museum (and the surrounding museum of natural history). The Pitt Rivers was full of the strangest and eeriest items and I was glad to finally be able to cross it off of my to-do/to-visit list! I learnt a lot and gained several new cool postcards for my hoard. I might make a vlog of this trip too but need to sift through the footage on my phone to see if I have enough to make it worth-while!

Thanks for looking + reading!