I nipped out for a brisk walk this evening with my mam and our dog, to be greeted at the park entrance with fantastically thick and milky fog! I was immediately overwhelmed and consumed with special interest feels. Squares commence!


If you are unfamiliar with my squares: My photography, aka my squares, are a very big, very fond collection of square photographs that are very dear to me! I take pictures of things that intrigue me, things that confuse me and things that make me smile. I take pictures of pretty colours, of interesting textures, of coffee cups and of cool buildings and roof shapes. I take pictures of overlooked details and of things I think capture important feelings or moments in my life. At this point my squares are not only an autistic special interest but also a compulsion and an intense need! I itch to take my squares, to categorise them, to line them up, to hoard them.

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